Caley's Pet Remembrance Tribute

Welcome to Caley's Pet Remembrance Website

When our pets die we never forget them and listing them on this site with their photograph will be a long-lasting memorial to them.

The loss of your family pet is, and will be, a traumatic experience. But itís also one event in the long life of joy, compassion, and companionship you and your family shared with your pet over the years.

Leaving a pet memorial helps us share the pain and grief of pet loss with others. We hope that placing a memorial in remembrance of your pet here will make your loss that little bit more bearable.

As long as we remember, our pets will live on. Listed here are memorials to those pets we wish to remember - living forever in our hearts.

Other sites charge you to create a memorial but this site is FREE to use and is a lasting memorial to Caley our very much missed White German Shepherd.

To upload your photograph or edit your text please click the link on the left menu to become a member. You will be required to give your name, email address and create a username and password to access the member section.


Wee Mandy